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Davidson, Kevin > N575KD
This is the builder's log for construction of N575KD, a Van's RV-7 built by Kevin Davidson in Marshall Illinois USA.

Navigate through the picture library using the folders displayed on the lower left side (Site Content). The best way to view a folder of pictures is to open the folder and then select Actions - View Slide Show. You can also do a full word search of all picture description and keywords. The search area is in the upper right side of the page.

I am building this airplane for my own education and entertainment. Any advice or description given must be scrutinized by your own common sense and published industry standards for safe and reliable building techniques. If you see or read something that may even remotely be deemed a safety issue then please contact me at and let me know.



Fuselage Kit In Progress 10/16/2014
Wings Completed 5/31/2014   505 hours
Tanks Completed & tested 3/15/2011
Ailerons Completed 2/6/2011     49 hours
Flaps Completed 1/4/2011     42 hours
Wing Kit Inventory Completed 7/15/2010      4 hours
Fiberglass Tips In Progress

Elevators Completed 8/7/2009     55 hours
Rudder Completed 5/3/2009     45 hours
Vertical Stabilizer Completed 2/19/2009     26 hours
Horizontal Stabilizer Completed 2/7/2009     58 hours
Tail Kit Inventory Completed 12/16/2008        1 hour


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